(Ages 9 - 17) Our creative summer horse camp program provides extensive riding and lesson time. Days are filled with horse activities geared toward developing riders into accomplished horseman. Unlike other horse camps we want to ensure that your child will learn the ropes from the ground up, and not simply be left in the saddle, learning on her own.

Our camp educates your daughter the reality and responsibility of managing the daily care of her horse - whether she is mucking stalls to the sound of her favorite music or responding to an equine emergency, she will feel that she is part of  a  team. 

Here, at WildHorse, we want to see your daughter embrace & share the wonders of the wild Adirondacks, form life-long friendships, improve habits and responsibilities. Our program fosters adolescent independence & teamwork through character development.

Our riding lessons use methods of natural horsemanship and will help
develop balance, coordination and teach the imperative communication between the child and her horse.

The camp operates in a easygoing atmosphere, which is the key to raising good-natured horses. Among the activities, your daughter will enjoy overnight trail rides, explore local attractions, be a part of organized trips to organic farms (dairy, produce etc), participate in community activities & volunteer, enjoy the beach, the lakes & great outdoors. Depending on age, the horse camp also offers wilderness trips & safety, canoeing, music & theater, food preparation & nutrition, and much more.

Each program is customized to the learning capability of each age group.

We believe more in pro-active safety rather than reactive safety. All our horses are specially schooled to respond to beginners. At Camp Saddleback, we are very safety-conscious and have an excellent safety record. The staff is also trained in trauma and life-support and required to certified in advanced first aid.

Daily camp activities include chores such as feeding the horses and cleaning  stalls, a riding lesson in the arena, and instruction in horsemanship. The program uses several manuals as a study guide for the campers. Campers progress through the skill levels by taking a written and riding test at the end of the week. In addition to riding, the girls learn about the care of horses, participate in tacking, washing and grooming. A fun horseback riding activity is held in the afternoon, such as a game, vaulting, a trail ride, or bareback riding.
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